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Helping school children find their creative voices through writing and performing

About Our Words

We are three MA Creative Writing students from Oxford Brookes University. 

We are working with the Oxford Academy in Littlemore, Oxford and the Oxford Literary Festival on a joint project to encourage year 7 and 8 Academy pupils to get excited about creative writing and literature.

Through weekly sessions with the pupils, we are helping them pick up their pens (or rather, fire up their laptops or tablets!), and find their creative voices!


Why we need your help! 

This project is an incredibly important opportunity for the children who take part.  By working collaboratively with the pupils, we are able to help them learn new skills, develop their creative imaginations and improve their self-confidence.

“Through this unique project, pupils have had the valuable, and sadly rare, opportunity to immerse themselves into a world of creative writing in which their confidence in their ability increases, alongside a renewed love of writing for the sheer fun of it.”  

Erica Robinson, Teacher, Oxford Academy

 The project culminates with the children reading their stories at the Oxford Literary Festival in Christ Church College Hall.

The chance to read a self-penned poem in the grand and impressive setting of Christ Church dining hall (which featured in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!) is one that is not afforded to many writers!  

The pride the pupils feel from reading their own work at Oxford Literary Festival, surrounded by many successful writers and literature fans, is the encouragement they need to continue their interest in writing.

 “Both the quality of their writing and the assuredness of their performances made me fear for my job.”

Jeremy Smith, The Oxford Mail, 23rd March 2013


Not only do the children perform their own work at one of the UK's most celebrated literary festivals, but they also become published writers.

To commemorate the hard work of the pupils, we produce a book of their writing.  The book will be distributed free to all the writers and members of the audience.

We need funding to cover the costs of designing and printing this book.

Please give what you can and support this magical project, and help us produce a book as a lasting recognition of the children’s efforts.


Other ways to help!

Even if you’re not able to make a donation, please do click the "I want to help" button to share the project on Facebook and Twitter.

Find out more about the Oxford Academy and the event at the Oxford Literary Festival


Thank you for taking the time to read this!  This project is a brilliant way to boost the confidence of local schoolchildren and encourage their interest in writing.  We are extremely grateful to all those who make a donation and help us spread the word.


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We've reached our target!!  Thank you to you all for your support; it is much appreciated.

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Best of luck with it Simon

A great project - well done to all involved! Mike and Jane O'R

A great opportunity for the young people involved. Good Luck!

What a great idea! Best of luck, I am looking forward to reading the finished book. :)

First year this project ran, it made me cry, and moved me more than any literary event I'd been too. Amazing kids at the Academy. Amazing students at Brookes. Good luck one and all!

Happy to help.....good luck with this!

Wishing you lots of luck and look forward to reading the stories.